Before & After


Before     After

For this six (6) parts series our focus was to lift and tone while decreasing lines, defining her jawline and cheek contouring.

Modalities included microcurrent, micro-infusion, peels, in addition to a personalized, regimented home care routine.   

Before      After

For this ten (10) part series, our goal was to revitalize the skin to give a more youthful appearance, while brightening and contouring.

Modalities included microcurrent, peel series, and collagen boosting treatment, along with a personalized homecare regiment.


After     Before

This was a ten (10) part series focusing on pigmentation, facial contouring, and restoring skin hydration.

Modalities included peels, pigmentation inhibitors, microcurrent, and a personalized, supportive homecare routine.

After     Before

Focus was acne. This client was struggling with daily breakouts. We were able to significantly reduce both the frequency and severity of the breakouts, while preventing pigmentation and scarring.

Modalities included peels, regular facials, and a regimented, supporting home care system.